How we started Individual Collective at DUO

Greetings everyone!

It has been a long time coming since we wanted to jot down little bits and pieces of our adventure. You will find information on topics that we feel is lacking in the community, #indvcothoughts, #indvcoinspirations, #indvcomoods.

When one door opens…

This serves as a place for us to do our reflections, a safe haven for us to connect with likeminded individuals. We are so excited to launch our revamped website, Indvco 2.0.


It was always our intention to start a space where we can connect and communicate with strangers turn friends. After years of talking about stepping out into the unknown, and venturing into something we can call our own, Individual Collective was born. It will soon be the one year mark for @indvcollective. We are thankful for the people we have crossed paths with, the topics we exchanged, the ideas we bounced off, the good energy and prove that there is a spark in everyone. We have many names, just because it felt like a reach, spelling Individual Collective, so here are our handles people refer to us as: IndvCo, IndvCollective, ICo. And most recently, a shop space joke, Heya. Heya because, well... we had the tiles reflecting our greetings to all who step into our IndvCo Space!

We three were always fascinated with the beauty world, with varying views on what beauty was to us, but one common point resonated, we love to look au’ natural. That said, it does not mean, not putting in any effort, but more of effort that looks effortless (if you know what I mean). Be it for makeup, or skincare, we feel it should make you look like an enhanced version of you, the one you want to show the world, your quirks, the humour, the wisdom and vulnerability. We are the sum of our experiences, and that should come through when we put our best face forward.

Have a pint of beer, a glass of wine, and have a conversation.

X Christabel, Felicia & Marilyn

Inspire me


滑石:对你的皮肤安全吗? 为什么您需要无滑石产品

Finding your flow