Create by YOU for YOU Talc-Free Discovery Kit

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Have you gone shopping in search for a face base but practically went off empty handed or felt overwhelmed with the variety of choices and do not know enough to choose the right shade/colour for your skintone? Or worse still, bought a foundation base colour (or two) only to have it oxidise or be too dark/light for your skin. 

Who experience challenges in finding your perfect shade? What frustrates you when it comes to finding a product that reveals your exact overtones and undertones? We have our customers share with us their frustrations and what they are looking for.

With our Discovery Kits,  you get to customise your powder with 3 simple steps.

 Step 1: Select your base shade

Step 2: Choose correctives according to your skin concerns (Pick your combination)

Step 3: Choose your benefits (Pick your combination)

Mattifying: Formulated for oily/combination skin, add this benefit if you want to control shine

High-Definition: For the soft-focus glow and a real life filter, it provides a smooth veil on your skin

Primer: For longer-lasting coverage, pick this!

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