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Our Founders

Ode to You…
Like each of you, a brushstroke is never identical to the next. Every stroke marks a unique trail on its canvas and tells of a distinct expression that cannot be replicated. For this very reason, we believe that a signature tone and fragrance exists for each and every one of you.
Individual Collective is a space that champions your truest self:
Your Choices Create;
And that makes you..

We started off as beauty fanatics, always trying the next new product in the market, investing in big brands and their promises to help solve a problem. We got weary seeing over-the-counter products that promises to help but does not celebrate our own true skin tone, and undertones. We have listened to what the public wants, and came up with our face powder, allowing customers to celebrate their undertones and their choices of owning their shade! 

As humans, we are very empowered to make choices in our daily affairs, from the food we consume to our personal style. In the beauty industry, we are still settling and conforming to the media choices that are made available for us. We are constantly shown chemical laden products and the glits and glamour of cosmetics. Individual Collective wants to stay true to our ingredients, things that are good for your skin in the long run, and answering to a problem we have, customising our face bases to enhance our beauty, to have our best face forward!

Tailored to suit your lifestyle, choose from our curated selection of skin benefits to be added into your powder as a 1 step solution for your daily needs.

Minority of brands that are coming forward, being mindful of the ingredients and we wish to stand alongside them to provide quality products for people who are mindful and savvy. We do not just sell a brand, but a customer's choice.

Back to Basics

We made  a choice to focus on going back to basics. With the ever-changing beauty industry being competitive, consumers are constantly introduced to many colours , products and packaging but one should not overlook the importance of face base. With the right base, one can enhance their own beauty with the little or many products that she has.

Natural Makeup - Being YOU is beautiful

Every stroke and dab gives her the space and time to express her individuality, by creating her identity. How she views the world, and how she wants the world to view her. Makeup from nature - We believe that makeup should not only make you look or feel good, but also be good for the skin. 

Customised face base that protects your skin

Studies have shown that eating organic foods is beneficial for your body, but it is not only the food you consume, but products that we put on our body. Think of all the makeup and skincare that you have been layering on your body throughout the years. 

 Mineral Foundation Helps Provide Sun Protection

Use after your daily SPF, mineral powders can help defend your skin against the sun's natural rays. Chemical sunscreen contains ingredients that absorb the sun’s rays, while physical sunscreen blocks the sun, deflecting UVA and UVB rays. We use physical sunscreens in our Custom Beaute face powders (SPF20) and blushers (SPF15).