Clean Beauty

Our mission



Our name Individual Collective constantly reminds: to be a brand that resonates with your individuality; advocating a collective mindset about diversity, inclusivity and on how our choices create. Our logo gets personal, written by hand to strike a chord akin to our signature, exuding our personality.

We are here to
simplify beauty.

We create products to complement busy, fast paced lifestyles, using ingredients that support your skin's health. We say - less is more! Take charge of what you feed your skin with. You do you, leave the complexity to us.


You are unique and
your choices create.

We’re only human – a constant work-in-progress. Clean beauty ought to take cue from real people living real lives. Think of us in your collective; together rediscovering your individual vanity and lifestyle.

It begins here, #ownyourshade.

Inspired by true understanding of how natural beauty empowers each individual, let your customised makeup mirror that. Transforming faces, one beauty base at a time.

Join the #ownyourshade
movement because

you’ve tried everything 

Leaving you helpless and confused. It’s time to own your face basics that is True-to-You, simplify your routine and never have to settle! No more guesswork. Be assured, we’re here to help.

you know beauty should be second skin

You know you’re beautiful and embracing of you. You prefer fuss-free, solutions-driven products that beautify and protect your skin, acting as a barrier to aggression, as opposed to layers of makeup that leaves you looking plastered, denying your skin the ability to breathe. You dream glass skin, skin that can breathe. Now, it can be a reality.

you know this is a game changer

Instead of creating endless products for the sake of maximising profits, we’ve done the streamlining to what works. Invest in your #ownyourshade customisation journey. This empowers you to pick what you need and want for your skin health as well the kind of finishing that fits into your lifestyle. It’s never about us - it begins with you.

Individual Collective: a space that champions your truest self.


“Conscious, mindful beauty” anchors our direction. In our formulations are Cosmetic Grade ingredients which comply with acceptance for use (cosmetics) in Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, Japan, UK and USA. Beauty should be effortless!

All micas are not created equally - at Individual Collective, we select the safest quality for the mindful. Don't take our word for it, try it!

What are our minerals made of?

  • Formulated from natural ingredients from mother earth.

  • Iron oxides: These help match your skin type and achieve your perfect colour.

  • Mica powders: These add glow and shimmer to foundations and concealers.

Let’s Bust Some Myths: Is Talc bad for us?

  • A controversial ingredient, talc, has been said to pose risks to human health. Individual Collective does not use it (ever!) and we want to shed light on why you may not want to either.

What are our sunscreen made of?

  • Zinc oxide: Acts as a natural sunscreen. Anti-inflammatory and is also an antioxidant.

  • Titanium dioxide: Another natural sunscreen, this ingredient helps give skin a luminous look and covers imperfections. An anti-inflammatory, it may help soothe and calm irritated skin.

  • Our mineral powders come with SPF 20 and our blushers SPF 15.

What are our no nasties policy?

  • No Talc

    There is a suggestive relationship of talc being a carcinogen. Talc-Free makeup allows skin to breathe, not running the risk of clogged pores nor serious health concerns.

  • No Parabens

    These molecules are used as preservatives against contamination of cosmetic formulas. Paraben exposure can potentially affect natural hormone production or other aspects of the hormone system; hence it does not exist in our formulas.

  • No Silicones

    These molecules sit on the skin's surface, too large to penetrate pores so they act as a barrier, trapping dirt, sebum and makeup, which can result in clogged pores and breakouts.

  • No Mineral Oil

    This synthetic ingredient acts as a sealant. It has no nutritious benefit for the skin and since its molecules are too large to penetrate pores it can exacerbate breakouts for oily or acne-prone skin types.

  • No Chemical Screens

    Studies have shown that these sun protection ingredients can cause adverse reactions in the skin. Plus, their ability to penetrate pores could lead to more skin allergies overall.

  • No Artificial Dyes

    There is well-established research showing that these can be aggravating and sensitising to all skin types, with the potential to cause negative skin reactions.