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Heya IndvCo fam!

My name is Marilyn, and I'm the founder of Individual Collective. I'm thrilled to expand the concept of individualism through our Face Custom Beauté™ Discovery Kit to the family! I have not openly spoken to all of you about my journey, and what I have mapped out. Here it goes!

A D.I.Y Kit that encapsulates my 20 years of beauty expertise with esteemed MNC companies. Notably, my stint with Singapore's national carrier, Singapore Airlines, pivoted my expertise. Embracing the role of training, I possess the luxury of experiencing yet-to-be launched products and the education of beauty advisors on how to best share beauty knowledge with you.

Yes, it is fun to receive novelty items, but it does come with risks.

Using the wrong products for your skin could erupt into a nightmare like this (above picture). Scarring is real, both physical and mental.

Desperation had me in search of clean makeup to be used along with my curated skincare products to nurse my skin back to health.

There were limited choices.

This began my foray into creating my brand of talc-free powder, providing buildable coverage through individual choices and customisation of benefits. I've always advocated on investing in the right face base (foundation + powder). It serves as a canvas before adding on any colours - it's this step that is closest to your skin.


Asia's First Custom Beauté™ Discovery Kit is born.

I wanted to introduce the concept of clean makeup with the community in my country, Singapore. I set up a cozy little store to pique interest and allow people to experience what customisation is all about, while sharing about the benefits of clean beauty.

It's most encouraging when tourists travel in specially to come and discover the concept of customising their own face powder. While interacting with them regardless of ethnicity or nationality, we share one common pursuit: the desire to know what's in one's face powder and the empowerment to be in control on what they apply on their skin; a continuation from clean beauty.

Not limiting to people visiting Singapore, we created an interactive D.I.Y Kit for like-minded beauty aficionados; a kit that allows you to have fun while discovering your shade and flexibility on the benefits to be added into your powder. It'll be fun, I hope you agree!

I sincerely hope our Face Custom Beauté™ Discovery Kit brings you not only your bespoke experience of discovering your perfect shade, but some 'me' time with the result of putting your best face forward as you embrace life. Hits a chord with you? Join us in #ownyourshade movement, see you there!

X Marilyn

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Finding your light

Finding your light

How we started Individual Collective at DUO

How we started Individual Collective at DUO

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